Connect With Your Lake Tahoe Target Market

Connect With Your Lake Tahoe Target Market If you are a Lake Tahoe home based business owner with an online store, you have probably learned some of the basics of mass communication on the web. Today’s article focuses on how to refine your marketing efforts to connect with your core group of potential customers: your niche.

My niche, for example, are people who could benefit from Xocai Healthy Chocolate Products and would be most likely to buy it from my Xocai  home based business. Since this is a fairly broad group, I have broken down my target demographic into smaller sub-categories.

I have a category called ‘New Xocai Healthy Chocolate Customers who have never tried a similar product’ and a category called ‘Customers Who Have Used Inferior Xocai Healthy Chocolate Copycat Products.’ I also have a category called ‘People Who Are Interested in the Xocai Healthy Chocolate Business Opportunity for Supplemental Income’ and another called ‘People Who Are Interested in a Xocai Healthy Chocolate Business As A Full Time Career.’

Anyway, you get the idea. Now let’s talk about connecting with your niche. Here are some suggestions from our helpful social media experts at


Subscribe to three other blogs in your target market industry and read them at least once a week. Remember, these businesses do not have to be Lake Tahoe home based businesses or Reno network marketing businesses. They simply need to be business blogs sponsored by businesses in your industry. In other words, these guys are targeting your market also.

Quoting other blogs is a great way to establish yourself as a hub in your niche and demonstrate your connection to the industry.

Link to other relevant sites. Don’t let your site become a dead end for visitors.

Make comments on other blogs in your niche. This establishes yourself as an active participant in your community and will help raise your site in the search engine rankings.

Any Lake Tahoe internet business owner can follow these simple steps to engage with their niche. I have been doing them for a while and am amazed at the results.

Are you looking for a way to become a new Lake Tahoe home based business owner? Call me today. I have the product, company, and business plan that will ensure your success.

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