Earn Residual Income In Reno

Earn Residual Income In Reno

Welcome Reno home based business blog visitors! This site is for everyone in Reno who is researching home based business opportunities.

There are as many flavors of home based businesses as their are Reno entrepreneurs. In my Reno neighborhood there are hairdressers, accountants, personal trainers, real estate agents, and mobile caterers that keep their business expenses low by working from home.

I run a thriving Xocai business from my home. One of the special characteristics of network marketing businesses is the ability to make passive income. Because I have built a large network of distributors, I have established several channels of residual income.

The members of my Xocai sales team are also establishing their own streams of passive income. As you consider which type of home based business to start, keep the Xocai ‘passive income factor’ in mind.

To learn more about my residual income business, call me today!

Chocolate Coach Norma Sommers
(775) 721-6565  ahxocai@clearwire.net

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