Dear Santa, At the top of my list is a Home Based Business that can pay for next year’s Christmas gifts

Xocai Healthy Chocolate has a really cool promo in place.  It is a buy 2 get 2 free on Xocai Sipping Xocolate, it’s a really great deal!  Let me describe to you how incredible this is. You buy gifts for those you care about, create a home based business,  you write it all off on 2011 New Business start up costs! (Up to $5,000!)

Sign up as A Xocai Business Builder: Purchase 3 of the Sipping Xocolate Buy 2 Get 2 Free Promotions, Select your autoship, and  your total start up cost including the Distributor Kit & Annual Membership Fee  for 2011 is $729 + Shipping.  You actually get 12 Cases with 3 tins per case. You now have 36 gifts for family, friends, business associates, neighbors.  All for around $20.  “But Wait”  You also created a home based business with an autoship that will also reward you through the loyalty program for the next year!  With every third autoship you get one case of product free, just pay S/H.

You could be one of the really serious business investors with a lot of contacts to purchase gifts for. Sign as a Xocai Executive by clicking on the big FT. Scroll down, choose 6 of the the Buy2 Get 2 Sipping Xocolate Promos, choose your autoship, and for $1419 + shipping you now have 72 Xocai Sipping Xocolate Gift tins that are completely tax deductible for 2011 New Business Start Up Costs & 72 contacts who will be pleasantly surprised by the elegant, healthy & oh so deliciouso gift you have bestowed upon them.

If you don’t have 72 contacts, or  even 36 left to buy for. You can also get in as a Xocai Healthy Chocolate Associate.  Buy 2 Get 2 and you have 12 tins to gift, choose a single box for your next auto ship and  for $279 + shipping (Includes Distributor Kit and Annual Membership Fee) It’s a smaller version of our home based business, tax deductible, and you still get rewarded on the Autoship Loyalty Program too. (That alone is 4 free cases of product for your first year in businesss)

Of course, I’m pretty partial to free product, not to mention easy gift selection, and as a seasoned Xocai Healthy Chocolate Distributor I fully understand how incredible this promo is and once it’s gone, it’s gone! You can also become a business partner with any of the other fantastic products or packages we have available and deliver them in your own Santa Style.  You cannot miss with Xocai!

I’m Norma Sommers, ChocolateCoach, and I would be more than happy to help you take care of your shopping, and your taxes.  Call me and let’s get this done before New Year’s arrives : 775 721-6565

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