This Is My New Life

MS became a blatant part of my life in 2002.  I had a serious bout of weirdness for about 3 months.  A series of strange sensations took over my body and after many different tests, the conclusion was MS.  Very strong medications were ordered to combat inflammation and it took many months for the some of the sensations to subside.  But it would be years before my most severe symptom of fatigue would disappear. And I give the credit to Xocai.  I began consuming the products in May of 2010.  within a month I noticed more energy.  After about 6 months, I realized that I had been going non-stop without what I would call a “day down”. Those were the days when I never got off the couch after my husband had left for work.  It’s been nineteen months now.  And I can honestly say that I have only had two days of straight up laying around on the couch.  I haven’t had the flu, or a cold, & only mild medication side effects from time to time.  It’s amazing.  And the only change I have made has really been to consume more chocolate.  Xocai, High Antioxidant Healthy Chocolate.  This, is my new life.

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