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Free XeEnergy for College Students in Nevada

It’s burning the candle at both ends when you are a UNR, UNLV, WNC, TMCC, student and working.  We’re here to help!  Free XeEnergy drinks from Xocai.  No jolt no jitters get your homework finished, get through your shift kinda energy.  Then get back to the dorm and get some shut eye so you can do it all again tomorrow.

Get 3 free on us! You pay shipping this time but refer a few friends and the next 3 could be completely on us!

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Hot Home Business Opportunity!

Hot  United States Home Business Opportunity! Energy drinks are not a passing fad. They are projected to outsell Coke and Pepsi in United States over the next decade. XoCai, the original healthy chocolate company, has recently introduced Xe, the first health enhancing energy drink available in United States.

As Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster garner negative press for their health dangers and predatory marketing practices aimed at children, there is growing awareness and demand in United States for non-harmful energy drinks.

I am Norma Sommers, a proud and successful XoCai distributor in Carson City and the surrounding cities. I am extremely glad I chose to sell XoCai (pronounced ‘show-sigh’) products when I started my business in May 2010. It was an important choice. XoCai’s primary antioxidant chocolate product line has been selling briskly in Northern Nevada and United States. And in new international markets!  Now, XoCai’s Xe is bringing a whole new group of Carson City XoCai customers; former Red Bull drinkers. Xe is so superior to Red Bull that it only takes one can to persuade United States customers to switch.

You can help Northern Nevada and United States energy drinkers avoid the health dangers of Rock Star and Monster and profit from it at the same time. Just as United States dark chocolate lovers can replace their bad chocolate with XoCai healthy chocolate, United States Red Bull, Monster, and Rock Star drinkers can replace it with Xe and receive a powerful, safe and sustained energy boost in addition to natural nourishment.

If you want to experience Xe or learn about the XoCai  small business opportunity, contact me today. My phone number is (775) 721-6565 and my email address is

-Life with Xocai Chocolate is Good!

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What is the Best the United States Energy Drink?

Carson City Business Opportunity Are energy drinks a recent phenomenon? Though Red Bull may claim they invented the super-potent beverage, many ancient cultures concocted herbal energy drinks centuries before Red Bull sold their first can. Xocai’s Xe energy drink embodies the best of the proven natural energy boosters from around the globe.

Let’s look at the ingredients in Xocai’s Xe Proprietary Pure Energy Blend.

Maca, like acai, is a superfood from South America. Cultivated by ancient Peruvians, maca is now used internationally as a safe, herbal medicine to aid weight loss, increase bone strength, promote mental acuity, and increase libido (can Rock Star do that?).

The Chinese have used ginseng for centuries as an energy booster, memory aid, heart medicine and overall health supplement. Because of its effectiveness, most other countries have adopted ginseng as well.

This low glycemic index sweetener slowly releases carbohydrates into your system. Because it prevents blood sugar spikes, it also suppresses appetite because blood sugar surges stimulate hunger pangs.

Yerba Mate
Another South American plant, yerba mate is packed with antioxidants and provides sustained physical energy without the jitters that can make it hard to focus.

A plant-based flavonoid that is believed to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

This natural stimulant has been used by Amazonian tribes for thousands of years as a treatment for a variety of ailments including migraines, fever, hypertension and diarrhea. Some pre-Colombian tribes ate guarana seeds prior to battle because it staved off fatigue during intense hand-to-hand combat.

Let Xocai’s Xe energy drink help you fight your daily battles. I am an independent  United States Xocai Healthy Chocolate Distributor. To order Xe, call   (775) 721-6565.

I’m looking for chocolate lovers or business minded people to sell Xocai dark chocolate & Xe Energy drinks in Northern Nevada, across the United States, or internationally (We’re in 17 countries now!). We have the industry’s most lucrative compensation plan with the healthiest benefits. Oh, and did I mention, it’s Chocolate?

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The Energy Drink You’ve Been Waiting For In Carson City

the United States Residual Income Hello Xocai fans!

My Carson City Xocai team is busier than ever. We are flooded with orders for the new Xocai Xe Energy Drink. It’s time to get moving & folks who get their morning jolt from energy drinks are switching to Xe and we are even winning some converts from the coffee crowd.

Xe is completely different from any energy drink available in  United States. Centered around Xocai’s proprietary cacao; the world’s #1 antioxidant food, Xe creates natural energy with a proprietary blend of antioxidant super fruits and all-natural, energy mobilizers.

When many United States people try Xe for the first time, they notice how Xe boosts their energy without sending their brain into a frenzy. Xe is not just a fuel for your muscular and circulatory systems, it also promotes mental clarity and emotional stability. What good is an energy beverage that hinders your ability to concentrate and puts your emotions on a roller coaster? Horsepower alone is not enough. The horse needs a clear head to channel all that energy into accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Xocai President Jeanette L. Brooks wanted to create an energy beverage that provides ‘natural energy.’ When Jeanette proposed the creation of a Xocai energy drink, she was well aware of the health risks of Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star. She knew that Xocai could do better. Sure enough, they did. If you can’t get through the day without cracking an energy drink, make sure you drink Xocai’s Xe which delivers a potent combination of natural stimulants and immune boosters to stressed-out men and women.

Would you like to sell the United States’s most nutritious energy drink? Would you like to be associated with Xocai, the world’s first healthy chocolate company? My team members have diverse backgrounds, but each is finding their own way of building their own health business. I can’t tell you how proud I am to represent Jeanette Brooks’ first-class organization here in Carson City. Her unique vision spurred Xocai’s creation and continues to guide the company’s explosive growth.

Call me at (775) 721-6565 if you would like to try Xe Energy, join our weight loss teleclasses,  or get more information about Xocai antioxidant chocolate. or  

Norma Sommers
Chocolate Coach

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